Women Win at the Female Empowerment Workshop in Germany

It was a true victory for the German Muaythai Federation at the German Bujin Gym Rommerskirchen where more than 70 women from Germany, Netherlands, Luxemburg registered for the female empowerment workshop and found motivation and strength to stand their ground. 

The President of the German Muaythai Federation Mr. Detlef Tuernau said that he was surprised by the number of participants of this first open training. Only 40 spots were offered for participants, and when 70 people showed up it was a true sense of victory that the work they do found its audience. 

It was a great opportunity for the participants to see their physical and emotional power, to use the sport as a physical and emotional detox, and to have a chat with the champions from Germany. 

All the participants got memorable presents like T-shirts, training bags, key chains and it looks like a beginning of a big project for the German Muaythai Community. 

Special thanks should go the partners and donors of the even which made it possible and so great: Gemeinde Rommerskirchen, Sparkasse Neuss, Workcars Rommerskirchen, Hardcore Provocation Tattoo Rommerskirchen, Vinhoteca Portugal Rommerskirchen, Made-in-pullem Textildruck und Malpaso Boxing Equipment


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