European Champions Are Getting Ready for Minsk

With the Youth World Muaythai Championships concluding in Antalya, the city of Minsk is taking over the relay with the strongest continental athletes from Europe packing their bags to continue collecting qualification points for the World Games 2021 in Birmingham. 

Education First in the Spanish Muaythai

The Spanish Muaythai and Kickboxing Federation is hosting the referees' seminar for the local technical officials with one of the most experienced IFMA referees Natalia Kogan hosting the event and sharing her more than 15 years experience. 


Hosts Of the European Muaythai Championships 2019 are Ready for Turkey

They Belarus youth is set to show example to their senior team for the upcoming European Championships. 

European Athletes Rock in Korea

Athletes from Europe truly showed how far Muaythai moved from Asia. Four gold medals travelled to Europe as two representatives of Israel became the best in their divisions,  Turkey won one gold, and Russia defeated Thailand in the final.