Defense Academy Hails Andra Aho a Hero After Her Gold Medal at WUC2018

Estonian Andra Aho became a true hero in her internal defense academy after she won the gold medal at the University World Championships 2018 in Thailand. 


After a very successful Arts Contest EMF announces the second edition for the youngest Muaythai practitioners where they can showcase their talent when it comes to arts and crafts.


Women Win at the Female Empowerment Workshop in Germany

It was a true victory for the German Muaythai Federation at the German Bujin Gym Rommerskirchen where more than 70 women from Germany, Netherlands, Luxemburg registered for the female empowerment workshop and found motivation and strength to stand their ground. 

5 Youngest Gold Medalists of the European Muaythai Championships 2018

Photo Credit: Lenka Bartakova


Grass root development is one of the main priorities in Muaythai with new generations of athletes stepping on the heels of the multiple champions. Today EMF looks back at the youngest athletes of the European Muaythai Championships which won a gold medal and claimed their spot at the highest step of the awarding podium.