Martyna Kierczynska Graduating from the Youth

The Polish talent Martyna Kierczynska came to the graduation point in her career as she enters her last youth event before moving to the next division. 

Yuriy Karaev: “We Kept Our Stars for the European Championships”

At the press conference dedicated to the European Championships in Minsk the Chairman of the Belarus Muaythai Federation General Yuriy Karaev shared his vision for the event and revealed the build up towards the event.

Gustavo Luna Appointed Vice President of the Spanish Muaythai

The IFMA Executive Board member from Spain Mr. Gustavo Luna has been appointed to the position of Vice President in the Spanish Muaythai and Kickboxing Federation. 

European Championships 2019 Logo Announced

The Belarus Muaythai Federation revealed the official logo of the European Muaythai Championships 2019. It was yesterday that the Vice President of the Belarus Muaythai Federation Mr. Anatoliy Simonshik presented IFMA the official logo saying that he is proud again to invite European countries to Minsk and show the Belarus hospitality.