Riga Welcomes Muaythai Clubs for the European Clubs Cup 2018

The capital of Latvia, Riga again invites Muaythai clubs from Europe to compete in a clubs format and take their national best athletes to the European level. 


Motivational Story of Dilek Oguz Sert

Dilek Oguz Sert is a mother of 3 who used Muaythai to motivate her kids to stay positive regardless of the life situation. Three years ago Dilek gave a promise to her daughter who has special abilities that she will win a gold medal in Muaythai which seemed an unachievable aim. 

Natalia Kogan – 15 years in the Ring

Natalia Kogan is one of the most experienced technical officials of the modern Muaythai and she is definitely a role model for the young technical official in their way to be the third player in the ring. 

European Championships 2018 – overview of the winning teams

European Muaythai Championships 2018 in Prague was the biggest event in the EMF history.