Europe Celebrates Muaythai day from Moscow to Lisbon


6 of February is the international muaythai day which is a special date for each muaythai practitioner when she can again honour coaches, gym partners and all who is involved in preparation for all the victories throughout the year.

Epic Finals of the Baltic Muaythai Open in Trakai

Baltic Muaythai Open was the event full of famous names on the bout list and the final day had not only the strongest representatives of participating countries but also strongest athletes in the world. The world and European Championships arrived at Trakai to test drive their skills before important events in 2018 and they truly gave an amazing show which attracted hundreds of thousands of people all over Europe. All the spectators could enjoy the bouts live on the Facebook Channel of the European Muaythai Federation.

Slovak Muaythai Joins Olympic Movement

Slovakia Muaythai Federation was one of the participants of the important meeting organised by the National Olympic Committee where AIMS members and IOC recognised sports were invited to attend.

Watch LIVE Muaythai Throughout February

New season for muaythai events starts from February where Finland, Belarus, Ukraine will hold their national events which will be qualifiers for the events in Europe and the world.