Monika Chochlikova Takes It All at Her First European Championships

Monika Chochlikova became one of the sensations of the European Championships 2018 in Prague winning a gold medal at her debut at IFMA European Championships.

Golden Age of the Hungarian Muaythai

The Hungarian National Team could be compared to the athletic wonder of the Muaythai World jumping to the highest step of the awarding podium within two years. 

Lithuania Invites Muaythai Athletes to Kaunas

The Lithuanian Muaythai Federation truly turns into one of the most popular destinations in Europe for Muaythai hosting regular open events with the Kaunas Muaythai Open to be held 27th to 28th October.

5 Muaythai Talents Who Transition to Seniors Division Next Year

Youth World Championships are exciting events for many reasons: they have an amazing atmosphere, with lots of smiles and happy faces, and friendly teams coming to have an amazing time together. From the sports side, Youth World Championships is a great chance to see the future stars which are eager to make competition to the accomplished champions of the Elite division.