IGLA in Greece Continues to Grow from Strength to Strength

Last weekend the Panhellenic Muaythai Federation held another huge IGLA seminar promoting education among muaythai practitioners. 

Minsk To Host European Youth at the Stayki Open 

Last year Belarus impressed Europe with a well-organised youth event bringing neighbouring countries for a friendly competition which resulted in a great youth tournament with orchestra opening the event, prizes for the winners and meeting IFMA champions from Belarus. 

Finnish Championships – Highlight of the Weekend

Muaythai Championships in Finland was in the center of attention in Europe with three bout days and amazing lineup for the final bout.

Kosovo Receives IFMA/EMF Provisional Membership

Last week at the IFMA Executive Board meeting in Bangkok the application of the Kosovo Muaythai Federation was approved by the board giving Kosovo the provisional membership for one year.