Runner Up for Gold in Prague - Juliette Lacroix

EMF is launching a two-week survey of athletes who missed little in the previous European Championships to be the strongest athlete in Europe and are going to Prague to compete for the gold medal. Today the focus is on the amazing athlete from France - Juliette Lacroix

Bullying? No Gracias, Practico Muaythai

Spanish Muaythai Federation gave a strong boost to the social campaign "Bullying? No, thank you, I practice Muaythai" as part of the IFMA Sport Is Your Gang campaign. The project truly spread among Spanish regions in schools and streets with the youth gaining confidence and skills to stand for themselves.

Poland Invests in the Youth For the Youth World Championships

Polish Muaythai has been always giving a special to the youth. Multiple social campaigns by the Muaythai Ambassador and the IFMA Champion Rafal Simonides have gone viral in the internet and have been an example for many national federations to follow.

Belarus Muaythai Joins the Olympic Day Celebration

The Muaythai Gym Bulat joined the celebration of the Olympic Day in Belarus showing all the beauty of Muaythai and medals Belarus athletes brought from the World Championships in Cancun.