Ceyda Toprak Is Awarded with Sports Talent of the Year

The amazing performance of the 15-year-old Ceyda for the Dutch team did not go unnoticed in the Netherlands. 

Myriam Djedidi Becomes the New WMC Intercontinental Champion

While the European teams were competing for the Baltic Cup one of the French Muaythai stars Myriam Djedidi was part of the Muaythai Attitude 7 in the cultural city of Mureaux, France. The show was a massive success with a sell out crowd and featured a card of international athletes alongside home grown talent.


Anti-doping Seminar Takes Place at the Baltic Muaythai Open

Muaythai events have become more than just a competition with many side events, workshops and conferences being a part of each championship. 


Camilla Danielsson wins the gold medal of the Baltic Cup

The final between Camilla Danielsson and Svetlana Spetsyan was a special bout for many reasons.