Governments in Europe Recognise Muaythai

In recent years muaythai was recognised by many sport organisations in the world sport elite. International World Games Association which included muaythai in the upcoming World Games 2017 in Poland, FISU with muaythai in the official programme of University World Championships 2018, Sport Accord, Peace in Sport and many more which let IFMA and EMF athletes enjoy being part of the multisport games and be part of the Olympic movement. Last and one of the most significant achievements for muaythai has been a provisional recognition to the group AIMS by the IOC. Muaythai is one of 23 member of AIMS with IFMA Secretary General being the president.

Norway Takes Muaythai to the Streets 

The President of the Norwegian Muaythai Federation has stepped up muaythai in Norway participating in the Thai fair in Oslo. An open training for all the visitors of the fair was a huge success.

Results of EMF Arts Contest for Kids 2016

Dear Friends, athletes, coaches, parents and national federations who have participated, liked, shared and supported young participants of the EMF Arts Contest for Kids,

with great pleasure and pride, EMF would like to announce the winner of “EMF Arts Contest for Kids 2016” dedicated to the Muaythai Day which has been a day when all muaythai practitioners joined to celebrate the sport of muaythai.

Pro Energy Fight Show Results


The Expo Casteggio Pavia was filled to capacity where the audience amped up the athletes with excellent support. It was an auspicious event dedicated to muaythai, with over 1500 spectators gathered to see the challengers of the WMC belts contested on this big night.


WMC Female 51 kg title was set between Barbara Bontempi and Luana Lorenzoni, both well prepped for the belt. This match gave the audience truly electrifying emotions, having them on the edge of their seats till the very end with the referees finally giving the victory and handing the WMC belt to Bontemi.