Muaythai For All Abilities – Poland

Rafal Simonides, former IFMA and WMC champion, and presently the Ambassador of the Muaythai Against Drugs and Sport Is Your Gang campaign in Poland has made multiple projects to introduce muaythai for the youth and attract kids attentions to sport values.

Muaythai Athletes at the Survivor TV Show

Turkish muaythai star, Atakan Arslan and Ibrahim Giydirir have been the participants of the top rated TV show Survivor where they shared the spirit of muaythai to bring their teams to the victory.

Karelian Lynx Natalya Diachkova, Role Model for all Russian Girls

Natalya Diachkova, the silver medalist of the World Championships 2016 in Sweden is one of the brightest female athletes in Russia who has gone all the way to the elite muaythai. She is a true model for all the girls in the Karelian region where Natalya is one of the pioneers of muaythai. After the World Championships 2016 Natalia became famous all over Russia. 

EMF Female Commission Chair Introduces Science into Muaythai

Natalia Kogan, the winner of the Best Technical Official award at the Gala night organised as a part of the Royal World Cup 2015 have introduced scientific methods in the theory and practice of muaythai training.