IFMA background

EMF is a representative democracy, comprised of 43 national muaythai associations, and is itself recognised by IFMA as one of six continental federations.

Overall Vision

The organisation of the administration of muaythai is based on a pyramid system of regulations, with IFMA the world governing body, EMF the European governing body and national muaythai associations the governing bodies at domestic level. Subsidiarity should be a guiding principle in this hierarchy of regulations, with international bodies regulating only where international, or in some cases, worldwide action is required.

Apart from national muaythai associations who are in membership of EMF, there are a variety of other organisations who contribute a great deal to muaythai and whose interests need to be suitably recognised. Clubs are the bedrock of muaythai at all levels. Leagues, particularly professional Leagues, are important in competition organisation and administrative management at national level. There is a wider acceptance now that players interests need to be taken into account in muaythai administration. And we should not forget that the popularity of muaythai is demonstrated through the enthusiasm of muaythai fans across Europe.

EMF has therefore the following vision of success: "A united European muaythai family working together to improve enjoyment of the game"

EMF Mission

There are, of course, many tasks to accomplish to achieve that vision. Important new steps have been taken, for example, with the establishment of the Professional muaythai Strategy Council. At institutional level, there is now a greater recognition of the various and varying interests of different parts of the muaythai family.
EMF itself has a philosophy of muaythai First.

The role of EMF can be expressed as follows: "To create the right conditions for the game in Europe to prosper and develop".

Through our work in staging top class European competitions for national teams and staging the best club competitions in the world, right through to our work with national associations to develop coaching and grassroots muaythai, EMF carries out a wide range of activities to promote and develop European muaythai. The role of EMF – our core mission – can be expressed as follows: "To create the right conditions for the game in Europe to prosper and develop."

Strategic Objectives

The activities undertaken by EMF to fulfil its mission are driven by 4 Strategic Objectives – relating to muaythai, Governance, Revenue and Management. These strategic objectives are listed below, along with the primary activities currently being undertaken.


To promote the game of muaythai through organisation of the best European competitions for clubs and countries, the development of coaches and referees, and the encouragement of grassroots muaythai

  • * Champions League
  • * European Championships
  • * EMF Championship
  • * Women’s competitions
  • * Youth competitions
  • * Coaching convention
  • * Referee convention
  • * Social responsibility


To establish closer relationships with member muaythai associations, new frameworks of cooperation with clubs, leagues and players, and the raising of standards of governance of the game on an improved legal basis recognising the specific characteristics of sport. (Click below for each element)

  • * New structures
  • * Hat-Trick programme
  • * European Union issues
  • * Specificity of sport
  • * Club licensing


To optimise revenues from TV, sponsorship and other commercial contracts for the benefit of muaythai, and to service the needs of commercial partners to their satisfaction.

  • * Marketing strategies
  • * New media technologies
  • * TV sales process
  • * Sponsor programmes
  • * New commercial opportunities
  • * Brand development


To manage EMF staff and resources efficiently, to provide first-class administrative support to the work of all EMF Committees, and to communicate efficiently internally and externally.

  • * Budget management
  • * Objective setting
  • * Staff management
  • * IT support
  • * Internal control systems
  • * Forward planning

These four strategic objectives form the basis for the new organisational structure of the administration, under the leadership of the General Secretary.

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  • WMC
  • IWGA
  • International University Sports Federation
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