Our initiatives

Our initiatives are directed to involve more people to the high values of Muaythai and to show men, women and children the superiority of this sport, its uniqueness, traditions and values.

We would like to give people the opportunity to improve their health, develop the spirit and self-confidence and change their life by improving their bodies and souls through Muaythai.

Rather than participating in a violent lifestyle, sport spirit can make you a part of family.

Sport Is Your Gang is one of our programs which engages children to Muaythai and lets them see other side of pastime. Rather than belonging to a gang or participating in a violent lifestyle, the spirit of the project is that sport can become a family, a team and a community.
We believe that Muaythai can appeal to young people around the globe and let them make the right choice which will give the insight to their lives and high aims to achieve.

  • IFMA
  • WMC
  • IWGA
  • International University Sports Federation
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