Epic Rematch Of Speth and Varatz


It was a judgement day when Norbert Speth has finally saw the day of his rematch against Dmitry Varatz in Bangkok. Since May 2018 Norbert has envisioned the fight against Dmitry after he lost his final in Mexico. 

Dmitry Varatz has been on top of the 67 kg division for many years winning World and European titles alongside collecting belts from many prestigious events. His name has been associated with number one and the world has not seen a competitor who could challenge him for the title. There was noone until the last World Championships taking place in Bangkok with Norbert Speth changed the balance of power in their division. 

In Bangkok Norbert immediately got to fulfilling his plan using the entire arsenal of all muaythai weapons. It was obvious that Dmitry was surprised how much progress the Hungarian made over the year as the hail of kicks and elbows was falling on him. Dmitry still kept reminding Speth who is the current World Champion dangerously countering with some episodes nearly bringing Norbert to the canvas. But the it was the Hungarian night and Norbert celebrated achieving of his goal for 2019 – winning Dmitry Varatz. 

The European Championships in Minsk was just announced and the world is waiting for announcement of the teams to see if the decisive match will happen at Varatz liar. Stay tuned as it will be a bout to remember.


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