European Athletes Rock in Korea

Athletes from Europe truly showed how far Muaythai moved from Asia. Four gold medals travelled to Europe as two representatives of Israel became the best in their divisions,  Turkey won one gold, and Russia defeated Thailand in the final. 

Three European teams got to the top 10 list. It was Nili Block and Itai Guyer who excelled in 60 kg and and 63.5 kg divisions. 

Young Enis Yunusoglu again demonstrated beautiful style winning a Thai opponent in the semi final and coming back after loosing the first round in the final match against Morocco.


The Russian Aleksandr Abramov came the Chungju as a favourite for the gold and he proved his champion’s ambitions. It was a strong appearance of Abramov in the final against Thailand, and for the important qualificaiton points earned for the World Games 2021.



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