European Champions Are Getting Ready for Minsk



With the Youth World Muaythai Championships concluding in Antalya, the city of Minsk is taking over the relay with the strongest continental athletes from Europe packing their bags to continue collecting qualification points for the World Games 2021 in Birmingham. 


Prague saw the world class Muaythai performed by IFMA athletes. This time the stakes are higher as it’s not only medals but a spot in the ranking for the World Games will be contested in Minsk, and Belarus team made a statement to win the first team place after they witheld the heavy weaponry from the World Championships 2019 in Bangkok. It will be a true battle and the European teams will need to make an unhuman effort to stop Belarus athletes supported by the local crowd.


The Minsk Palace of Sport was full to the bursting point two years ago as Belarus hosted the World Muaythai Championships. The martial arts community in Minsk are now hungry for another event and Europe’s best athletes will definitele have a lot of attention from local crowd.


20 days are left to the opening ceremony of the European Muayuthai Championships in Minsk. Stay tuned for the details and follow for the live updates.



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