Gunter Plank is the New Head Referee of the European Muaythai Federation

Apart from fascinating bouts in Paris European Championships saw many important meetings and decisions. One of the notable decisions was nomination the European Head Referee which is now Austrian referee and one of the most experienced specialists in the world Gunter Plank.


Gunter Plank has been one of the founder of muaythai in Europe, and will definitely continue doing great job after Polish Bogdan Rybka who coordinated muaythai referees in Europe for more than three years. 


Mr. Plank experience will be particularly useful to the mission of the sport of muaythai which is maintaining the principle of Fair Play and Transparency at all decisions. 


With more than 15 years of his career Gunter Plank was part of all major muaythai events. Plank, who is 46, is multilingual (English, German, Polish and Spanish) is also an IFMA international referee and also the head referee of the Austrian Muaythai Federation.


EMF wishes good luck to Mr. Plank, and let the 5 pillars of muaythai guide your team to the best decisions in and outside the ring.


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