Names of Spain’s Best Revealed

Spanish Muaythai Federation in cooperation with LaLiga Sport staged amazing national championships bringing the names of the winners on the final day yesterday.


Viewers of the live streaming could enjoy the full day of bouts delivered through the LaLiga media and EMF Facebook page. 


The medalists will now be chosen to the national team which will defend the Spanish colours at the continental and world competitions. 

One of the leaders of the Spanish team Kevin Martinez won the gold medal demonstrating all his arsenal and skills. It was a true pleasure to watch his technique. González Amor Arkaitz was Kevin's opponent and it was a great bout and the best of friendship was shown at the end of the bout when Kevin thanked his opponent for the experience before the big year.


Two big names of the Spanish muaythai clashed in the final of the 81 kg with Nayanesh Ayman and Ruben Garcia. Nayanash was the winner of the gold medal after he came short in an event in Russia Muaythai Factory. It will be very interesting to see Nayanesh face IFMA champions in 81 kg like 


The 81 kg division was full of elite athletes with Omar Moreno only enjoying bronze medal losing to Ruben Garcia. All three athletes deserve to compete on the highest level in IFMA events and the Spanish Muaythai management will have to select only one. 


In the female division Maite Botella, Alectantina, won the gold medal against Sinthya Patino in a very intensive bout.

Many more exciting bouts took place yesterday and we can review them at EMF Media


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