Riga Welcomes Muaythai Clubs for the European Clubs Cup 2018

The Latvian Muaythai Federation has been a regular host of the event which became a must attend in the schedule of many countries. This year clubs from around Europe stick to the race for the title of the best European club at the European Clubs Cup which will take place from 30 November to 3 December.


European Clubs Cup is a unique event where any club can join and put the skills of their athletes to a test at the European level, gain experience for their national qualifications for the upcoming IFMA events, and start count of their international career.


The President of the Latvian Muaythai Federation Mr. Vasily Fleisher said that so much has been done by the organising team to welcome the teams, ensure health and safety of the athletes, and highlight their performance at the international media. The Live Stream is planned on the EMF Facebook page. A special agreement with the IBIS hotel was made to let the maximum number of clubs participate at the event, and thank you should go to the management of the IBIS group for support of the event and the sport of Muaythai.


EMF is wishing all participants good luck in Riga, and demonstrate their best skills to their national coaches to secure their spot in the national team.


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