Runner Up for Gold in Prague - Juliette Lacroix

EMF is launching a two-week survey of athletes who missed little in the previous European Championships to be the strongest athlete in Europe and are going to Prague to compete for the gold medal. Today the focus is on the amazing athlete from France - Juliette Lacroix


Juliette Lacroix is one of the leaders of the French Muaythai and is one of the contenders for the gold medals in the upcoming World Championships 2018 in Prague after she became second in her home European edition in Paris last year. 


Juliette secured a confident win over a strong representative from Finland Paulina Salonen in the semi-final and it she became the second strongest athlete in Europe after a bout with no other than the current World and European Champions Sofia Olofsson. 


At the World Championships 2018, Juliette tried a new category 51 kg and showed amazing result winning a bronze medal in a new division outcompeting Polish Gabriela Kuzawinska in an amazing bout. 


This year Juliette will definitely want to improve the result and has all chances to go for gold replacing Myriame Djedidi who won gold in Paris. 




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