Top European Athletes to Compete at the Arafura Games


 The Arafura Games 2019 is back with amazing host Australia. Addittionally it is the only direct qualifier for the World Games 2021 in USA. Many top European athletes took this opportunity and flew all the way to Australia which adds graet value to the event. 

EMF is giving the list of the IFMA champions from Europe to watch.


Igor Liubhchenko (UKR) 63.5 kg – an athlete with the most number of victories in 63.5 kg division in IFMA events, multiple world and European champion is going to Australia as a favourite for the spot. He is the current world champion, and gold medalist of the World Games 2017.

Nina Scheucher (AUT) – 57 kg one of the IFMA legends who has great experience competing in international events arrived to Darwin to challenge other 7 competitors and try to secure her spot for Birmingham World Games.


Norbert Speth (HUN) 67 kg – is the opening of the last year World Championships winning the gold medalist of the last World Games in Poland Sergey Kulyaba. Norbert will definitely have no underestimation from his opponents as he is one of the favourites for gold.

Karolina Klusova (CZE) 57 kg – made heads turn in Lithuania when she easily gave first lesson of the senior muaythai to a young Gabija Morkunajte who won the gold in 16-17 division last year and had her first fight in seniors in Lithuania. The final was between Karolina and no other than Swedish Patricia Axling. Karolina shocked everyone winning Patricia and becoming the triumphant of the event.   

Anaelle Angerville (FRA) 57 kg – will make company to Karolina and Nina in the 57 kg division which will make this one of the most intriuging divisions in Darwin. Anaelle is the current European Champion and silver medal of the World Championships 2018. 


Oleh Pryimachov (UKR) 91 kg – is an undisputable champion in 91 kg. He won all competitions he has been participating. Oleh is the current world champion, World Games 2017 gold medalist and holder of many professional titles. One of the aims for Oleh is to qualify and repeat his success of the World Games 2017.

Jakub Klauda (CZE) 91 . It will be one of the central fights were Jakub and Oleh will show their skills in their heavy weight division. Jakub has proven himself in his first appearance in 91 kg knocking out the Russian athlete in the final of his home Euroean Championships 2018 in Prague. 

Viktoria Ivanets (UKR) 57 kg will have a chance for a rematch with  Anaelle Angerville after the final of the European Championships 2018 in Prague. It was an amazing fight and we may see the continuation if the draw allows.

There are many more renowned athletes to follow like Vladyslav Mykytas (UKR), Nora Cornolle (FRA) and many more who showed graet skills in IFMA events and who will be a pleasure to watch in the Arafura Games. 



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