Vitaly Tsishurou Receives Best Coach Award

The head coach of the Belarus national team Vital Tsishurou is the one bringing the new generation of athletes to the IFMA events having a very hard task to build new Kulebins and Valents amonth the Belarus athletes. The dedication and hunger for victories truly showed that Vital is on the right track and his work paid off with the Best Coach award in Bangkok. 

The following challenge for the coaches in Belarus will be their home European Championships where Vital will take a central stage leading his team to battle. 

The Vice President of the Belarus Muaythai Anatoliy Simonchik said that the entire federation is happy about the recognition of the work Vital does in his position and this will motivate him and all the coaches in Belarus to continue their work.

Congratulations Vital and the world is looking forward to seeing new stars from Belarus challenging the world for gold medals.



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